Cabinet Refacing in a Can ®

Waterborne Acrylic Melamine Laminate Finish Paint
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Cabinet Rescue® is supplied as a bright decorator white similar to kitchen appliance whites.

This bright white is by far the more popular color choice to brighten up a kitchen.

Cabinet Rescue® can also be tinted with universal colorants to achieve any number of custom colors in the pastel to upper mid-tone range.

Color Choices

Super durable:
Hard chip resistant
surface adds years of
life to cabinets, more…
Paint can be tinted
to unlimited range of
pastel colors, more…
Easy care:
Easy to clean stain
resistant finish, more…
Super adhesion:
Self priming laminated
surfaces, more…
Quick drying:
Apply both coats
the same day, more…
Cabinet Rescue cabinet paint dries quickly Paint and Primer in one Cabinet Rescue is resistant to marring and chipping Cabinet Rescue resists dirt and grime Cabinet Recue can be tinted to many colors Cabinet Rescue Paint is water based for easy Cleanup

Water based:
Low odor. Easy soap
& water clean-up,

Water based paint Cabinet Rescue