Brighten up your kitchen and bath cabinets for thousands less than replacing cabinetry. This  one of a kind Cabinet Rescue® Waterborne Melamine Laminate Finish  goes on smoothly and dries to a beautiful Factory-Like-Finish.  Cabinets look “new”, not painted. Self-Priming over most surfaces including Melamine Laminate such as Formica® brand laminate, and the hard, chip resistant properties will add years of life to your cabinets.  DIY Friendly, no special painting skills required.

Cabinet Refacing in a Can ®

Waterborne Acrylic Melamine Laminate Finish Paint
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FAQ's Store/Buy Product label/MSDS How To Tips Use Application Cabinet Rescue Paint is durable and chip resistant Cabinet Rescue Paint is fast drying

Cabinet Rescue® was developed as an economical alternative to costly kitchen and bath renovations. It  quickly and easily gives a new “factory-like” finish to cabinets that are out of date but otherwise in good sound condition.

Cabinets with factory applied laminate such as Formica® brand laminate can now be refinished without the need of special primers as well as many original factory applied painted surfaces. (See product label instructions).

This product was designed for facings of cabinet doors, drawers and styles.  It should not be used on floors, tops of counters, tables, desks, shelving, paper laminate or any surface subjected to moisture such as walls around bathtubs, showers washtubs etc.

Where to purchase Cabinet Rescue® Cabinet Rescue paint is easy to keep clean

Easy care:
Easy to clean stain
resistant finish,

Cabinet Rescue resists dirt and grime Cabinet Rescue Paint is water based for easy Cleanup

Water based:
Low odor. Easy soap
& water clean-up,

Water based paint Cabinet Rescue Bonding primers are not needed when painting laminated cabinets with Cabinet Rescue

Super adhesion:
Self priming on Laminated surfaces, more…

Paint and Primer in one Cabinet Rescue paint can be tinted to many colors

Paint can be tinted
to unlimited range of
pastel colors,

Cabinet Recue can be tinted to many colors

Paint laminate Cabinets

Quick & Easy

Cabinet Rescue Features

Where to use Cabinet Rescue

over these surfaces:

Cabinet Rescue can be used


(See product label instructions for surface prep instructions)

Quick drying:
Apply both coats
the same day,

Cabinet Rescue cabinet paint dries quickly

Super durable:
Hard chip resistant
finish adds years of
life to cabinets,

Cabinet Rescue is resistant to marring and chipping